Thanks again to Patrick who came in April to tell us about hospitality English and how relevant it is no matter what levels or specialisations you teach. The basic requirements of identifying needs, communicating quickly and clearly and understanding context is always important! Buy a copy of his book for yourself and see everything he’s put together!

This month we’re going to talk about gettin’ paid! How do you make your money?


This event will be very participation focused: the material will come from you and the other attendees. We’re interested to hear about three key areas:

  1. What do you like in a teaching job, what makes it worth it? Why have you left jobs before and why have you stayed in others?
  2. What’s something you didn’t realise was important to have in a job until you had (or didn’t have) it?
  3. How did you get the teaching jobs you liked and how should someone else go about it if they wanted to do the same?

Come join us at  Tibits – Bern, Gurtengasse (about 250 meters from the main station) at 8pm on 2nd May or leave a comment below. We want to learn from each other and hopefully enjoy more fruitful careers!

The next meeting will be 6 June and it will be the last one before our summer break so save the date!