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What do you see? What name do you give to it? If I show you this in one context or another, does it effect its meaning? Does this mean different things to different people?

As you’re probably familiar with this example, you know the answers. But when teaching a foreign language, we encounter these issues continuously. Single words are interpreted according to the words around them, and the context in which they are spoken or written. Similarly, learners associate meaning and acquire language with the help of context.

This month at Springboard, we’re sharing practical ways to manage meaning and context when teaching. If you’ve learned about pragmatics or semantics in linguistics, this will be of particular interest to you. But it’s also meant as a basic introduction for teachers with no theoretical knowledge.

Come join us at  Tibits – Bern, Gurtengasse (about 250 meters from the main station) at 8pm on 7th March or leave a comment below.


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