Have you got the perfect work schedule? Perhaps you have irregular work loads. Probably, you’re not paid enough. Your income is likely variable. You often worry about not having enough work. You might have unpaid gaps during your daily schedule. And sometimes you have to block off time for lessons that may never start. . .


Let me guess, of course, you’re a language teacher!


Come to the next Springboard meeting! As part of our series on optimizing time in language teaching, we’re asking these questions:

  • How can you get faster at preparing lessons?
  • How can you get more consistent work?
  • How can you work together better with administrative staff?


Come join us at 8:00 pm on 25th October at Tibits Restaurant on Gurtengasse in Bern for the next Springboard meeting and learn something new!


Get in touch with Ben or Dave via comment here to RSVP or get more info.


Photo credit: Julian Partridge via Foter.com / CC BY-SA