A great benefit we language teachers have is flexibility. We set our own availability, prepare lessons when we want to, and take holidays when it’s convenient for us. We can teach at more than one institution, or combine it with independent work. Most of all, we have great leeway with what we do in class, how we work with material and which activities to do with students.

But, such freedom can bring great burden. Many language teachers are paid hourly, so filling the week with enough working hours while finding time to prepare lessons and travel may be a challenge. Spending time arranging appointments and coordinating with administrative staff can be laborious. Being able to run lessons smoothly, meet student and school expectations, and continuously create effective learning moments while minimizing prep time is not always easy. Having a plethora of effective activities handy while not carrying your entire bookcase or file cabinet with you everywhere you go is impossible. These are only a few of the challenges we face.

Our next special series of Springboard meetings and blog posts will address these issues and our goal is to help you, the language teacher, be more effective at optimizing your time and getting the schedule you want, essentially making you a better teacher.

Come join us at 8:00 pm on 25th October at Tibits Restaurant on Gurtengasse in Bern for the next Springboard meeting and learn something new!

Get in touch with Ben or Dave via comment here to RSVP or get more info.

Photo credit: Marcio Cabral de Moura via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND