Order of adjectives and adverbs

From Markus: we also touched on the order of adjectives yesterday. Below I’ve inserted links to two websites that deal with the problem. I find them quite enlightening. As you can see, the suggested order of adjectives is not exactly the same on both websites, but I see that as a minor problem.

It was great to see you yesterday. Looking forward to the next Springboard meeting. Have a good weekend! Markus



From Graham:

Thanks, this is interesting: I never concerned myself with it before. But I did have to teach the order of adverbs. Here is a good web site:


The “royal order of adverbs” is 1. Manner 2. Place 3. Frequency 4. Time 5. Purpose, as in the following example: “I have to run quickly (manner) down the street (place) each morning (frequency) after breakfast (time) in order to catch my bus to school (purpose).”  But the order of adverbs is a guide, rather than a law. Changing the order often changes the meaning or emphasis of a sentence.




2 thoughts on “Order of adjectives and adverbs

  1. Thanks for the input.
    Markus: I found two mistakes on the page with multiple exercises, in the first link—’bit’ instead of ‘big’, and ‘an new’ instead of ‘a new’—a university webpage!
    Graham: A good tip I give students is to read their sentence aloud, asking the questions in the correct order.
    “I have to run (how?) quickly / (where?) down the street / (how often?) each morning / (when?) after breakfast / (what for?) in order to catch my bus to school.”
    (I predict that ‘bus to school’ would be difficult for Ls to grasp) 🙂 ‘school bus’ would avoid the matter.


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