New Year’s Resolutions

Here are the resolutions we made at this month’s meeting! Lots of variety in scope, type and ambition of the goals–it will be interesting when we follow up on these in summer and see how we did!

Make your own resolutions in the comments–try and think of at least one thing you can change this year!


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Hello Ben,

    Personally, I don’t normally do New Year’s Resolutions, I would rather do March Resolutions, mid-June, or end-of-the-year ones. But I will try to make an effort this time.

    And this is actually the first resolution: making an effort and persevering in the different personal projects: trying not to get discouraged too quickly by bearing in mind that life is just a sine wave – endlessly moving up and down.

    I guess, making an effort implies also doing our best while keeping in mind (in accordance with the good old Toltec wisdom) that “our best” changes every day.

    And finally… trusting life a little bit more – it sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

    Good luck to everyone,


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