24 January–New Year, New Ideas

Happy New Year to you all! Our next ELT Springboard meeting will be on 24 January in The Fitting Room (in Welle 7, adjacent to the Bern bahnhof). I look forward to seeing you there! The evening’s topic will be New Ideas. Please RSVP in the comments so I know how many people to expect.

Task 1 is for you to bring in one or two new ideas that you would like to introduce to your professional practice in the new year. We’ll discuss the ideas with each other and hopefully we’ll be able to talk about them with someone who’s done something similar or can help us find resources to ease the way. By talking about them with others, we’ll also build accountability and have someone to follow up with later in the year.

Task 2 is to give a short report on some professional development that you have done recently. This can be anything from reading a book or attending a webinar to taking a course or doing a degree. There is a great professional development opportunity in Zurich on 21-22 of January: the ETAS (English Teachers Association of Switzerland) Annual Conference. Plenaries from Sarah Mercer and Jeremy Harmer on Saturday; Herbert Puchta and Carole Robinson on Sunday. Click here to read the programme and click here to learn more about ETAS. I’ll be going both days and I plan to talk about one of the speakers or workshops at the ELT Springboard meetup.

If you’re taking the train on Saturday morning, get in touch and we’ll ride together! Otherwise, see you on the 24th!


One thought on “24 January–New Year, New Ideas

  1. ready4english says:

    Hi! Hope everyone has a good start to the Year 17 as I have.

    As I can’t attend either upcoming meeting on those dates, may I propose
    we organise virtual sessions, which might be organised via Doodle and done over Skype groups (which could then be recorded as a Webinar— if that’s at all possible—for later viewing by any absentees)?
    Or why not perhaps contact Mr Oliver Durer at Online Academy to ask whether that sort of thing could be arranged for Migros teachers (using their Adobe Connect platform…)?


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