There are some limited places available at the TELC examiner training event which will take place in Fribourg from 10:00-18:00 on 28 January. The School of Management Fribourg (Haute Ecole Gestion/Hochschule für Wirtschaft) is training me and some of the other teachers to be TELC examiners. There are extra places available and our English language TELC coordinator, Marc Matter, has kindly opened them up to other teachers. If you attend the training, not only will you be eligible to assist us in Fribourg when we test our students, but you will also be able to complete the TELC examiner training at any other level just by completing an online supplemental module.

Here are the prerequisites and requirements:

Experience teaching English at levels A2, B1, B2 and C1 (a total of at least 450 lessons) and at least a C1 level of competence in English, familiarity with exam formats (find examples here: sprachpruefungen.html<>  ), familiarity with telc’s rules and regulations for examinations: html<>, familiarity with the GER and activity/action-oriented approaches.

All participants are required to have worked through the corresponding online module dual-level examiner training prior to the training day. Furthermore, those examiners who have never had a telc examiner license are also strongly advised to work through the A1 to C2 Introduction for examiners. These online modules are available at https://campus.telc. net/?lang=en<> . If you have never participated in a telc training session, you have to register to use these online modules (“register now”).

Please inquire directly with our TELC coordinator by 22 December if you are interested. In the interest of protecting him from spam, I don’t want to post his email address here. Instead, I ask you to visit the directory page at HEG Fribourg and use the link under his name, Markus Matter.