A colleague asked me the following question,  “Hi David, I was recommended by a teacher to do the SVEB qualification. Is it worth doing? Do I need it? ”

What do you know about SVEB? Whats your experience? Please chime in and help with some tips!


4 thoughts on “SVEB?

  1. Hi Dave.

    Yes, SVEB will be absolutely necessary come next year. Its the essential requirement to teach/ train adults.
    If you have been teaching for a while though, you should be able to apply for it without taking additional courses/ exams.



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    • Hi Martin,

      Do you have a link that explains the changes coming next year? Admittedly, I haven’t been paying attention, but I haven’t heard any calls for new qualifications or anything like that. Maybe I didn’t get informed cos I got my SVEB-I a couple years ago.



  2. I’m going to kind of echo Martin here by saying that if your employer wants it (and/or they’ll pay for it), then it’s worth it. Qualifications are taken very seriously by employers here so it’s to your advantage to have the Swiss ones.

    SVEB and CELTA are related like this: the CELTA is horizontally equivalent to SVEB-I, but not vertically aligned with the other SVEB certificates. This means that for now (pending the changes Martin told us about), Eduqua wants teachers in Migros to have a SVEB or SVEB equivalent. So if you have a CELTA, you’re OK. But if you want to get a SVEB-II or SVEB -III, you have to first get the SVEB-I, you can’t start directly in the SVEB-II course. There are a couple of schools that offer CELTA-SVEB bridge courses. These are offered completely in English and you have to attend a 2-day course and complete some written work before and after.

    Just evaluating it on its own merits, I don’t feel like I gained a whole lot. However, I already had 7 years’ experience and the course seems to be aimed at new teachers. Many of the other participants were fresh off their CELTA course and they seem to be glad they took it. I did the course because one of my schools offered to pay for a training course and I thought it was the most applicable to my situation.


  3. davidkaufher says:

    My understanding is that SVEB can open doors in adult education. It’s the national standard for adult educators and trainers, and helps you in opportunities in jobs outside the world of language schools. If you’re interested in working at a company, for example, in training the employees, this would be a good step. At the higher levels, (SVEB 3-4) It also teaches you about developing curriculum and managing programs. I agree with Ben though (unless there’s something Martin knows that we don’t) for those wanting to stay as a basic language teacher, CELTA and some years experience is enough.


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