The Springboard peer observation process



3 thoughts on “The Springboard peer observation process

  1. I’ve got lessons in Bern on Monday mornings (9-10:50) and Thursday afternoons (15:45-17:00) which I would be happy to have an observer for. I’m usually free on Tuesdays to watch someone else’s lesson.

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  2. davidkaufher says:

    I’d like to sit in on a lesson that takes place on a Thursday morning, anytime before lunch. And I’ve got several lessons that I’d like input on. Contact me if you’re interested!


  3. I can certainly sit in on lessons in Bern on Tue 10 Jan, Wed 11 Jan, Thu 12 Jan, Fri 20 Jan, and Thu 26 Jan, maybe on some other days too. Anything before 10:00 would be a bit early for me. I don’t know my exact timetabel for January yet but I don’t think there will be many English classes I could use feedback on. If that is possible at all, I’d love to do somebody else’s lesson who then observes me teaching it.


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