Discussion: Testing and Assessment

This Friday Springboard will be bringing teachers together to chat and discuss testing and assessment. I’ve read an article by Dave Allan, which got me thinking about some questions that might be good discussion starters. What do you think? Post your comment below, and we’ll bring them to the discussion!


Discussion Questions: Testing and Assessment in Language Training

What’s the difference between testing and assessment?

Which is a better evaluation of a learner’s English capabilities: an objective test or a teacher’s assessment?  Why?

Do learners want to be tested? Why? Why not?

For assessment that involves various processes which go on over time, and measure more abstract traits such as discourse skills, fluency, flexibility and range, how can we give learners clear, formalised reporting on their language competence?

What are some best practices for teachers to integrate testing into a task based, communicative learning environment?


2 thoughts on “Discussion: Testing and Assessment

  1. davidkaufher says:

    Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday! I was really impressed by what people said in response to these questions, and learned a lot.

    I liked what Alex showed us: an app called Plickers. It allows testing and assessment to be done in real time in a unique way that brings many benefits, especially in larger classes. He explained how it can be used by a teacher in order to support learning and build confidence, in addition to being a powerful tool for formative assessment.

    Ben had a good method of maintaining student’s motivation to do homework by giving an assessment tool at the beginning of each lesson. We’ll have to ask him at Springboard in a couple months to see how it’s working in his new class.

    And we had a lot of tips and sharing of experience for Nicholas, who’s looking for new opportunities in ELT. Louise had great advice about CELTA and everyone shared their own unique stories.

    Make sure to come out to Murten on Saturday, 29th October 2016, 9.30–11.00 am for a tour hosted by our colleague Caroline Grünig in the beautiful town, and an interactive learning experience on how to do similar events in your town for your students.


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