Jamie Karnik sent me a great tip after our last get together, about speaking activities. Here’s what she said:

Hey Dave,

I’m attaching a scan I made of the Business Options (Oxford, 1999) book I use sometimes. Protocal Statistics 2It’s an old book, but I still like a lot of parts in it. It’s got good grammar explanation and a lot of white space for students to think and take notes.

The scan is of the front matter of a chapter, as I explained on Friday. What I like to do with these pages is white out one word-like you mentioned- and have them discuss the topic (it also works well with one-to-one’s) and then guess some possible gap fills. Depending on what I want them to learn, I will white out words which fit to the rest of my lesson. Of course a lot of these statistics are outdated, but I just mention which year they are from. So far, they have worked well.

Thanks again for an interesting talk, and best of luck with the rest of your week!