Here’s a rap text which I often use to motivate my students to learn about narrative perspectives, as this is a man (the rapper himself) talking about the fates of three distinct African American women and about women’s role in society in general. The file below is glossed in German as some of the vocabulary is far above the target audience (B2):

kweli_for women

Please buy the song if you plan to use it, but there is nothing that speaks against a quick listening in:

A whole variety of activities with the song is imaginable:

  • Creative writing: from the information in the text create dialogues with the different characters that appear in the song.
  • Research: Put the students on the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power track and let them research some of the circumstances mentioned in the text, such as slavery, Mason Dixon, crack epidemic, aids or prostitution.
  • Compare women’s fate here to the reality in the USA
  • and many more…