First of all, I’d like to say THANK YOU to Ben and Dave for providing such a great platform. It’s nice to be in touch with fellow teachers, to exchange ideas and find support. I’m happy to contribute with some lines about what I look for when hiring.

Besides a neat and clear application portfolio, the very first thing that always catches my attention is the handshake. No kidding, I’m all about a firm handshake. This might sound strange to many, and maybe it is a cultural thing, but I believe that handshakes say a lot about a person. A firm and steady handclasp conveys confidence, reliability and self-awareness. Therefore, a handshake is just as important to me as the general appearance and attitude one brings to an interview.

To be honest, I have hired several people who do not have firm handshakes whatsoever. These guys have obviously convinced me with their manners, their education, their experience, their charm and kindness. I look for passion, for an open-mind, for creativity and loyalty. I aim for collaborations that are built on trust and integrity. To team-up should be a pleasant, enjoyable and inspiring thing.

After the interview, I wait for a short e-mail in which the candidate expresses his or her ongoing interest and follows-up on the meeting. A friendly message and a personality with some of the characteristics mentioned above make it a perfect match. And if the goodbye-handshake was firm and steady, even better!