Job seekers? Job postings?

The best place I know of to find a job is through people you know, and word of mouth. Swiss Germans say, “Vitamin B”. That’s part of the reason we started this group.

For us, being part of ETAS (English Teachers Association of Switzerland) has also helped. Their website’s job posting page is a good place to start a job search.

What about you? How did you find the job(s) you currently have?


4 thoughts on “Job seekers? Job postings?

  1. The best job I have (I work a few nights a week in the Weiterbildung section of a Berufsbildungzentrum) I got by introducing myself to a woman on the train who was reading the programme for the ETAS AGM that we were both on our way to. I mentioned that I was looking for a job and one of the teachers in her school was retiring soon. Networking works! And ETAS is a great place for it!

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  2. I agree with Ben. You need to put yourself out there and network. I think word of mouth works well in Switzerland and especially in smaller places. I’ve gained Business English contracts through recommendations by friends and from current or past students. An added benefit of working with companies is that I tend to get more translation and proofreading work as well. From experience I’d say that if people are happy with your teaching and social competencies you’ll often be recommended further.

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