Q: How do you share your availability so that you can schedule appointments with students in one-on-one lessons?

A: I use Apple iCal and I have a calendar just for availability. I create events for the times when I want to have lessons. So next to the regular courses and already booked lessons, I have time slots that are available. It looks like this:

week screenshot

When a one-on-one student needs to schedule more lessons, I go to iCal, select “print” from the dropdown menu, then use the options to deselect all calendars except the one called, “availability”. I print as PDF, save the file, and attach it to an email that I send to my student. The final product looks like this:

week availability screenshot

What’s the result? It works! Students respond positively. They book big blocks of lessons at a time and seem to appreciate the visual overview that this method provides. It would be perhaps more efficient to sync a calendar and make invitations for appointments. But I like this method because it increases the person to person interaction, and appeals to visual type people like myself.

How do you schedule lessons with one-on-one students? What works? What doesn’t work? Post your comments below!